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We've been at the forefront of the diamond jewellery industry for nearly a decade. In an expanding world of retail outlets and faceless websites, we offer finely crafted diamond jewellery that is great value for money while maintaining a quality of product and service that is second to none. Sourcing our diamonds directly from those that cut and polish the stones, we’re uniquely placed to offer you the world’s most luxurious stones at a price that’s affordable. We strongly believe that as no two diamonds are alike, neither should the jewellery and we make each piece to order which in turn keeps our costs down and therefore the price you pay. With a showroom, workshop and head office all in central Leicester UK , we are able to control all aspects of your order process in order to guarantee the best quality diamonds have been picked by our experts in order to produce the finest quality diamond jewellery. Don’t just take our word for it, we have made so many dreams come true with our jewellery and you can read online from those that have experienced our products and customer service. Wherever you are, we will dispatch your item to you free of charge and fully insured by us until the item has reached your address.